Makes This World Live Young Again


On the Rocks

Di Richard Wan Kum Wah

Global climate change has already had observable effects on the environment. The world is now exposed to several hazardous climate impacts. Many facts indicate the net damage costs of climate change and are likely to be significant and to increase over time. For this reason, we can adapt to modern efficiency in inculcating among children what and how to protect Planet Earth so that our new generations will develop a sense of being a citizen of a global community. Richard Wan aims to nurture this love for childhood education in his tunes for the young whether in pre-schools, at home and in the community. We educate children audience, parents and schools to move closer to our vision of making Singapore a Zero Waste Nation. This empowers the world by giving the young generations more access to those MVs and giving them insights of our current global situation. Music videos can provide surprisingly, long lasting benefits to early childhood educations. Children songs can be such a power tool when these encourage the essential element of creative movement and environmental actions among the future young generations across the global community. It is going to be a very long journey in years to come but to that end, Richard Wan hopes that preschool-age children will get to hear more of these children's environmental songs that are simple, sweet sounding and serve as a source of positive influence on them. This has favorably been attained through creative learning like his songs, where pre-schoolers will be able to express their understanding through music. After all, pleasant patterns of sounds and words are what make such songs so much fun.

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