On the Rocks

Di Loyd Doron

Humanity and nature should be able to coexist. We should not have to sacrifice one to flourish in the other. However, as humanity has grown inspecter, that statement is proven to be harder and harder to maintain. It requires effort, something we as a society have struggled to give.

In the short film, Alocasia, a young woman by the name of Alocasia, also a local plant of the region, describes how her neighborhood has been tarnished by the effects of man. Saint Bernard's environment suffers more and more as the years go by due to a machine dubbed "stone crusher," and it saddens her to watch it occur. The film describes a turning point in her life, where she decides to incite change, in hopes that one day the effects can be reversed and humanity and nature can indeed coexist.

The battle can not be won alone, however, and Alocasia emphasizes that. Every revolution needs a spark, but it also needs kindling to catch onto. And we are that kindling. She explains how her hometown has been mutilated and explains how she will fight for change. And then it is left to us. Will we answer the call? Hopefully, the film begins to manifest a yes.

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